Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Nail Art

Hi Guys...
I am a bad blogger I know.. I am sorry. 
The fact that I don't think I have posted anything since Halloween just is SAD! But I have been so busy that there is not even enough time for me to paint my nails much less write about them. 

So Some exciting news for me though.. Jan 4th I start school to become a Nail Tech.  (That is if the class doesn't get canceled do to lack of having enough people sign up)  I am very excited.

Ok on to what we are really here for.  I know Christmas is over but I did some stuff that I am very proud of and just want to share it all in one post.

These are inspired by Robin Moses. Also is my first attempt at any sort of faces.

These are on my best friend.  :) These too were inspired by Robin Moses.

Santa's with red tips on my friend

Loose Glitter Christmas Lights on My nails

Loose Glitter with snow and flakes on my nails

Christmas lights with fat little penguins on my friend

Candy cane accent nail with santa hat tips on my firend

Wrapping paper strips on my nails

Christmas teddy with blue tips on my nails

Santa baby (I love this red) on my nails
If I find that I have some free time I will come back and add what polishes I used.  For the Christmas teddy I used a picture tutorial that you can find on my facebook page.

I would love to hear your feed back on my work.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and if you do not celebrate Christmas I hope that your holiday was just as special and great as mine.

Much love to you all
Amy <3

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