Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waterless Marble

Hello Hello fellow nail-venturers!!! Welcome to my first Nail Art post!!

I am an avid blog reader and you tube tutorial  watcher and I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  I found a facebook page belonging to Robin Moses and her nail art is FANTABULOUS!! I have been in awe of her nail art and completely obsessed with her nail tutorials. A link to Robin's facebook page.  

To my point... I get several ideas in my head and I can see the finished result... However... when it comes time to put the polish down I just can't figure out how to make it happen.  This is where Robin Moses comes in.  I found a tutorial she did about waterless marble. Now in my defense I had tried this a few times on my own and though it was working I just wasn't getting the results I wanted.  So I came across this tutorial and I wish I could find a link to it but it helped me figure out how to make my attempts better.   

I was so ecstatic with how this turned out.  I LOVED IT!! This was not my first attempt at waterless marble but it was definitely my best to date.  Now that I am doing this blog I promise to take a few more "In Process" pictures. 

First I used Orly French Manicure Bare Rose as a base coat.

After that dried I did a second coat that was very thick. I then added drops of Wet N Wild Megalast - On a Trip, Essie - Marshmallow and a no name gold that came in a Christmas set my daughter had gotten.  I then swirled these with a tooth pick. (I have seen lots that say a dotter tool works for this but they always prove to be to big for my taste) 

And here is where help from Robin Moses came in.  There are always big globs of paint when you do this. Her tip is to take your finger and slightly touch the edges and the very tip.  This helps pull some of the excess paint off and evens out the paint so it dries evenly.  

Last step was to seal with a top coat. 

I liked  this so much that I just had to do matching toes. 

    So there you have it... so far my favorite.  Since doing this mani I have done it on my daughter as well I called hers Neon Summer Swirls.  I will make a post of those soon.  I don't want to get ahead of myself.  

Thanks for reading. 
Amy <3

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