Thursday, May 31, 2012

Oil Slick


The mani I am showing tonight was not exactly what I intended when I sat down and started.  The look I was going for was the "Galaxy" mani that I have seen so many of  and I love to look but when I finished up with mine I thought it looked more like what oil looks like sitting in water. 

It was rather easy to do and did not require any specialty tools really... just your polish and a make up sponge.

To start with I used:
  Base Coat - NYC - Skin Tight Denim

Once this dried I used the other 4 colors
                     Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - Hot Magenta
                     Wet N Wild Fastdry - Buffy the violet slayer
                      Sinful Colors - Aqua
                      Sally Hansen Star Opal - Violet Opal  (Or you could just use any color that has a little shimmer to it )
 using a piece of wax paper I made little puddles of polish and used the make up sponge to dab the different colors on to the blue base coat. (NOTE: if you cut the sponge into little pieces it will make it last SOOOO much longer) I just kind of put color where I thought it should go. If I got it on there and didn't like how it looked I just took a different color on a different part of the sponge and covered it up. The little pink stick is not a necessity but it is a nice little tool that I picked up at Sally's Beauty Supply for under 5.00.    It is used to hold the cotton ball when you have to remove polish and do not want to mess up your mani on the other fingers.  Let's face it.... accidents always happen when acetone is involved.With this mani using the stick just proved to be nice because you don't want to mess up what you have done while holding the sponge.  

And this is what you get:

I do wish that the colors would have picked up better then they did.  Against the navy blue these other colors just looked amazing. 

The second picture showed the color a little better.  When I do this one again I will most definitely take pictures out side.

Well I hope you try this and if you do stop by my facebook page and share a picture.  

Last thing... tonight after keeping tabs on a Black and White Contest BerryPolished (Link Here  ) is having I decided to enter.  My first ever contest. :)) Since I have already posted in my blog about this exact mani I did a few weeks back I just decided to share a picture of my entry.  

This contest ends tomorrow at 11:59 pm PST so if you have a great mani that is only black and white what could it hurt. Entering is the only way to win.  So as far and my entry goes I love it.  

So wish me luck and hope everyone has a fantabulous Friday ... THEN ON TO THE WEEKEND!!!!

Thanks for reading. 
Amy <3


  1. Love your black n white entry :) hope you win

  2. Welcome!!! and Thank you. I was very excited with how it turned out.