Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simple Nail Art Tips Tutorial Contest Entry Dotted Rainbow Chevron

Hi Guys!!!

Last week I submitted my entry in a tutorial contest that Simple Nail Art Tips is having.  Judging started yesterday so I wanted to share my entry and a link where you can vote.

Technically this is my first picture tutorial and doing this contest gave me the opportunity to learn a new program and how to put a picture tutorial together.   So I plan on doing more in the future.


Here is the tutorial I entered.

    To vote please follow the link  Dotted Rainbow Chevron  and leave only one comment.  (Extra comments from single users do not count) .  So please take few seconds and check out all the tutorials in this contest.  You can vote for more then one tutorial, you just can not vote more then once per entry.  There is some great art work shared here and I will definitely be trying some of these techniques out.

As always THANKS for reading and I hope to see your vote for my tutorial :)

Amy <3

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