Monday, September 10, 2012

Yellow and Blue

I was lost on the day I did these.  I like things on my nails that draw attention.  I love bright colors. Crazy designs.  The louder the better.  I sat down at my table and couldn't come up with a darn idea.

So I went to my favorite stand by that always looks amazing and it is easy to do with no thought required.


I used 2 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear colors
Blue me away and Mellow Yellow.
Very simple and just fun.
I started with a base coat of the Mellow Yellow and then combines the Blue me away and the Mellow Yellow in my little water cup.
Since I am in Florida and I live in flip flops I love for my toes to match so I did those too. My fingers had more of a teal green look to them since the colors were mixed in the water.  On my toes I did a waterless marble so the blue stayed true to color.

When I did these my nails were crazy long.  Before I had even had a chance to photograph them I had a ZUMBA NAILTASTOPHY.  I love Zumba and when I go, I go all out... arms waving jumping up and down... My friend standing next to me does too and while we were going all out with arms going wild our hands collided. Here is the aftermath :(

 I ended up taking almost a 1/4 inch off each nail.  The above pictures with the yellow back ground are after pictures.  I managed to save the mani. :)

Well as always THANKS for reading.
Amy <3

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