Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rainbow Pinwheels

I know that my posts are here and there.  I get busy and I like to spend more time doing the art on my nails then I do writing about it some times :) and I don't like swatches I just want to show off the art that I do.  That and all the kids went back to school a few weeks ago and it has taken a little while to get back into a routine.

It was probably a few months ago that I saw a post on Robin Moses' fan page about Rainbow Pinwheels she did.  I made a mental note that I liked them and wanted to try them but forgot.  Then sitting one night trying to figure out what I wanted to do I was playing with a nail wheel and did something else but it jogged my memory. 

I LOVED THE WAY THESE TURNED OUT!!!  I even did my toes to match after a few day because I liked them so much.

To do these I used a base coat of clear then used 6 colors of acrylic paints. None of the colors in the pinwheel are nail polish.

I did use Milan One Coat Glitter Charcoal to do the center of the wheel  and Stripe Rite Silver to add a little something extra to the centers.

 These were so bright and fun.  The best compliment came from the biggest burliest guy I had ever seen asked while in line at the convenient store if I really liked color.    Of course I said Yes.  He smiled and said he did too and thought they were very pretty. :)

Well... As always THANKS for reading.
I have a few posts ready so youo should see a few more here the next few days.

Amy <3