Thursday, July 12, 2012

Neverland Nails Last Challenge - Fun in the sun

Today I am using Neverland Nails last challenge to pull double duty. The theme for today is FUN IN THE SUN and I pulled out all my neons for this one. Along with all of my stuff to do a fun water marble. but this mani is serving to purposes for me this weekend.

As some may know our community was flooded 2 weeks ago with Tropical Storm Debby.  So many people lost everything and so far the water in some places is just hanging out.  My friend who is a zumba instructor (some may remember her mani that I did last month ZUMBA WHAT??!!?) has decided to put on a Zumba Blacklight Charity event.  So of course everything has to glow in the black light.

Now I purchased a bottle of Warrior Paint Blacklight polish a few months ago for a "GLOW PARTY" we did for a friend of ours. They are SO MUCH FUN!! If you have never been to one.  Things glow in the black light that you would have never even thought... that is when you have grown adults running around attacking each other with silly string because it glows too. :)
Ok got side tracked... The black light polish is a clear over lay so you it only shows up when it is under the light. So I got out all of my stuff intending on using it to do some design and I had my black light near by so I could see what I was doing and along with the challenge I figured I what ever it was I decided would be NEON of course... It was then that I realized all of my neon polishes glowed in the light with out the over lay.  Pretty cool.

I decided to keep it simple with 3 colors.  I used Claires SunShine, Claires True Blue and Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Pretty in Hot Pink
Here is what I got

I am very happy with the result.  I think I am getting this water marble thing down.

And here is what this looked like under the Black light.. which I might add matches my outfit for Sat night perfect :) Not crazy about how old the black light makes my fingers look... it really makes my freckles look crazy. haha.
 I really had fun doing this challenge and I am sad that it is over. Lots of thanks to Neverland Nail Blog for putting it all together and bring all these talented people together.  It is an awesome thing to do.  Looking forward to the next one.

As always THANKS for reading
Amy <3


  1. GIRL. These are AMAZING! Great work, hope you enjoyed the challenge =]!

    1. I did.. Thank you so much for putting it together :) Seeing all this great work is such a great thing!! Can't wait for the next one:)

  2. I love black lights! Liquid Tide also glows :) I do love your mani!

    1. They are so fun. So many things glow.. Tonic water is fun.. it glows and you can add it to clear foods such a jello or kool aid and it makes them glow.

  3. This is an awesome water marble! Even 100x better that it glows so pretty :)

  4. Beatiful 😊💖
    Do You have a video tutoríal with This design ?
    I would like to try This 😊
    Thanks For posting your pictures .