Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pink/ Gray Camo with a Hungry Cheetha and Fisty Zebra

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Today I had so much fun trying out a mani for the first time.  I told my friend that I was wanting to get some practice in on doing art on other peoples nails.  I know how to do mine but I just think that having someone else walk around with my art on their tips is just AWESOME!!  So she graciously volunteered to let me paint her nails.  About a week ago she sent me a picture of a picture where the art was the Browning Logo.  I figured how hard could it be right.  I drew the zumba guy free hand alright.    Then the other day I saw her phone case and it was camo with Pink trim.  So I start rolling ideas around in my head about what can I do for her... UMM..PINK CAMO :)

So she is game.. now I have never done camo before but I figure how hard could it be... Turned out not to hard.

These turned out soooo cute and match her perfect.  I had to draw the Browning logo a couple times.  For as easy as that little deer looks it is kinda tricky. I love ho they line up together though.

Colors I used were Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pretty in Hot Pink and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Gun Metal.  I do not do acrylics so she had them filled earlier in the day. The white was already there from the tips to create a french.  I just  added to it.  I also added a coat of Orly Loe Each Other because a little bit of sparkle just makes every mani better in my eyes.
 And when your having fun why stop at the tips when you can add the toes too
I was happy with how these turned out and my friend seems very happy.  Which just makes me even more tickled ..  Now during our fun her 2 little ones were there and it is always fun to add a little animal print to little digits. 
Little one had on pinkish orange polish with a little glitter so I added some fun teal cheetah with Sinful Colors Savage and China Glaze Liquid Leather
Little Two had on a bright purple polish with some silver glitter so of course we had to do some Black and Silver zebra print.  I used China Glaze Liquid Leather and Strip Rite Silver to add the stripes.
What I loved best about the whole little manis was while I was painting they were talking about how they were the animals and how they were going to chase each other after I was done. Cause Cheetahs chase Zebras.. LOVED IT!!!
Now for my favorite pictures of the whole day

I just love little fingers and toes.

Well I had so much fun doing these and can't wait to do the next ones.
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Amy <3

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