Friday, July 6, 2012

Pink and Black Water Marble

2 posts for today!!!  I got over excited because I have been so behind I guess. :)

I am ADDICTED.  Yes ADDICTED to water marble.  I am sure the fascination will wear off but as for right now just the fact that I figured out how to do it and I love the look has made it one that I love doing.

This marble I did a little different then the last 2 that I did.  I didn't want the pink mixing with the black like on my 4th of July water marble ( A lot of the spaces turned purple where the colors mixed together) and I wanted to do glitter to give it some dimension.
I started out with 2 coats of Savvy Party Pink.  This is one of my go to polishes, Definitely one of my favorites.
Then over that I added 3 coats of Warrior Paint Dirty Pink Glitter polish that I picked up at Hot Topic.  These are little tiny glitters and it it took a few coats to get it where I wanted it.  I think I may have even added another coat after taking this picture.
After that was dry enough... I didn't wait near long enough because I got tape stuck to my nails 3 times and had to start over on those. 
I got out my tape and water ( I used bottle drinking water... I have found it just doesn't work with my tap water and we have a well so I don't know if that has something to do with it)

I used China Glaze Smoke and Ash, which has a green and silver sparkle to it and Orly Bare Rose to marble over top of the pink. 

The Bare Rose is a clear so every where that was you can see through and the pink glitter shows up.  I am IN LOVE with this.  So far I would have to say that this is my favorite one that I have done so far.  I want to try this again with a larger glitter polish under the marble. Like the Milan Jewel FX.  I think that would give it a  true 3D effect.  

I took all of these pictures outside in natural light because inside you just couldn't see the glitter
So there you have it.. My new obsession. 

As Always THANKS for reading
Amy <3

Visit me on FaceBook yesterday I had a fan count on 107.  Working to get to 200 and then it is going to be CONTEST TIME!!!   Have a great weekend :)

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