Sunday, June 10, 2012

Neon Patchwork

Welcome back to my next Nail -Venture.

I had this idea in my head however when I tried to execute it just didn't come out the way I saw it in my head.  I mean it didn't turn out bad but still it just wasn't what I saw in my minds eye. 

I was working on another design possibility for the patchwork contest that Top Top Nails South Africa is doing but unless the next one I do it super duper AWESOME I will be using the Pastel Patchwork in my last post.

I started this mani with a light coat of Essie Marshmallow  which is a White.  I think the neon colors are kind of sheer so if you add a base coat of White underneath they just stand out a little better.  I then started the patchwork design with China Glaze Frostbite
Next I continued the patchwork design with Claire's Sunshine, Claire's Lime Yours and Sinful Colors Dream On.

Yesterday I got one of those Two way nail art pen and brush in Black from Claire's.  (My daughter got a giftcard so we had to go while we were in the mall... Can't pass up buying something when I go in there) The Two Way has a nail art brush that you can use when you unscrew the top and a little pen when you pop the top cap off.  It is more of a metal tube and the paint flows through it.
Anyway.. This little pen is pretty nifty.  However, you have to have a very steady hand.  It does not forgive at all. If your hand wobbles your line wobbles. So with a little more practice I think I will like it a lot.  I used this little pen to draw the lines. You can see some of the little wobbles in the lines where my hand shook.
 Here is a finished picture with everything I used.
SOOOO.... That is my Neon Patchwork. The Husband said it looked more like stained glass.  I guess I could see that too maybe.  Not exactly what I had in mind but still ok.  :)

Thanks for reading. 
Amy <3