Saturday, June 30, 2012

Watermarble?? I think YES!!!!

Yesterday was an exciting day for me as far as NAILS go and I can't wait to share..

 FIRST... I have some new followers and I just want to say Hello and welcome. Thank you for choosing to follow me.

 Now for my exciting day.... About a month ago I won Tip Top Nails South Africa Patchwork Contest.  Yesterday I received my prize. 

 Tip Top is not a brand that I can get where I live so I was very happy to get it and very excited to try it out.
What a great polish.  I love it and now I am just SAD that I can not get more.

Well because I got some new colors I of course wanted to see what they would look like.
So far I have only used the Pink I stared with plain nails just to see what color it was.
 Pretty right?? 

Then I just couldn't decide what I wanted to do with the wonderful color. Why in the world would water marble pop in my head.  I have tried this over and over and have failed and failed. I don't really know why..out of 10 fingers I could get 3 maybe to look half way decent and then I get frustrated and give up.  Then because it is messy I usually wait a while before trying it again.  Last night I guess I was just feeling a little froggy because I pulled out everything to make my mess.

Now because I began with failure in mind I didn't take any during pictures.. How sad is that :(  but any way.. I started with a base coat of Confetti Banana Bobanna Cream.  It is a nice shimmery yellow.  Then on to my little medicine cup filled with water I added the  Banana Bobanna Cream and Pot o Berries. with my fingers wrapped in tape I made my design and WAAALAAA !!! 
Left Hand
First nail turned out half way decent.  2nd nail was even better.  Then I was on my roll.. Messed up and had to redo the pointer finger because I smudged it while taking off the tape. That just gave me an excuse to redo the pinky too. The yellow has a shimmer and the pink was a cream so to give it a little more shine I added Orly Love Each Other.

I was just ecstatic that it was working out. Even still I thought "Am I even going to be able to do this on my right hand and have it look any good" 
Right Hand
  Not to bad Right ?? I am very pleased... and now I just want to do it again.. So the little daughter is going to forced (ya know because I have to make her sit and let me paint her nails.. yeah right)  to let me practice a little more.
In some of these pictures the pink is looking more red so today I took a picture in natural light.

I LOVE THEM!!  I was so happy with them that I was showing them off in my 7am gym class this morning... and there was only 4 other people there... 3 of them were men. They just thought I was nuts. 

Products I used:  This picture doesn't do the Orly Love Each Other justice.  Here is just looks kinda Grey.  However is is more of a clear with wonderful micro glitters in it. I don't know that you would call it a Holo exactly... maybe.  It is beautiful though and just adds a hint of shine.  It is wonderful for a pretty clear on the bottom of a French.  

   Well I hope you enjoyed this post.  I got a little long winded just because I was so excited I was able to pull off the water marble at all.

As always THANKS for reading
Amy <3


  1. Wow! I love it! My water marbles NEVER look close to that good. So pretty!

    1. Thank you ;) Trust me mine don't usually turn out this good. This is the first time are many failed attempts that I got one to look decent. Usually it turns out a smeared mess

  2. Beautiful Amy!

    Following your blog! :)

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