Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge From Neverland Nail Blog Grill Master

Today is the first day of the Summer Fun Challenge that Neverland Nail Blag is putting on.  I have never done one of these challenges before but I saw her list and I just thought it was super cute and wanted to be a part of it. 

The first challenge is Grill Master... to me this was all about  turning up the heat.  :) So of course I had to do some awesome flames from the grill. When we grill we always use wood to cook so there are always hot hot flames.  :) 

This is one of my FAVORITE Mani's to do... I did a waterless marble to make the flames and no matter how many times I do one similar to this each one is my new favorite.

Colors used were
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Red Carpet and China Glaze Ash and Smoke which I thought was completely appropriate for the theme of the first challenge.

Well I hope you like my creation for the first challenge. 

Thanks for reading.
Amy <3

I hope that I do this right... below I will try to link to the challenge so you can see all the great creations that all of these great ladies have created... however I have never done this before so I am hoping for the best :) 


  1. Great work =]! Don't forget to add your picture and link to the collection, too =]!

  2. Fab, these remind me of my hunger games nails but in reverse xo

    1. My daughter is OBSESSED with hunger games so we did these for her after the movie came out. I added a gold to the red and they turned out beautiful. I would have loved for the tips to be red but the black being the base coat was making the red to hard to see. I wanted it STAND OUT :) Thanks for reading

  3. I LOVE this idea of creating flames with dry marbling. It looks great, and I agree that it reminds me of the Hunger Games.