Monday, June 25, 2012

Studded Line

Welcome back and we have a few new followers which I am so happy to see.  Thank you  guys for following.

The other day I ordered some stuff off of Amazon and it finally came.  It was surprisingly cheap.  I think I paid a total of 11.00 for everything including shipping.

Does anyone else hide stuff from the husband?? I mean I don't really hide the stuff I order if he asks I would always tell him but if it makes it in the house and in the box before he sees it then hey IT WAS ALWAYS THERE I DIDN'T BUY ANYTHING !! haha. Anyway.. he got my stash of stuff when it was delivered.

I got 10 rolls of  striping tape and 5 little cases of rhinestones which I think the listing said was somewhere in the neighborhood of 7400 stones.  I was pleased with the haul.  I didn't really expect the different shapes in the stones there were squares, stars, hearts, flowers, triangles, tear drops, rectangles, and some that I am sure I am forgetting.  These came in clear and in color.

So of course since i got my haul I had to do something with it. So my next few posts will include something from new stash of stuff.

I was excited to get to the stones so I forgot to take a before picture but this one is pretty simple so I am sure you can figure it out if you would like to try it.  I started this with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Dream On.  I like this color a lot.  I then added on a line of black stones and one square clear on just to break it up a little bit.  To attach the stones I used Cina Top Coat/ Bonder.

There you go.... Studded line

Thanks for reading
Amy <3

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