Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sparkling Pink Cheetah

Date Night Ventures haha.

Tonight I am gonna have a date night with the husband... Doesn't happen to often,  usually we just have friends over and cook out but tonight he told me to get ready cause We are going somewhere and doing something.  haha

For New Years I got a great shirt that was very .... New Years ... I guess is the right word. Well I haven't worn it since so I figured as long as we are going somewhere and doing something I might as well wear it.  

I started with Orly French Manicure Bare Rose.  This picture is not great.. it is kinda looking orangeish.. It's not.  It is more of a clear pink. 
Now I have said it before and I will say it again now.. I am cheap.  I use the same colors a lot.  Black is black to me.  If I have a bottle of black I use it.  I just noticed that some colors I use over and over again in my posts. :)
Next I used China Glaze Liquid Leather and did a french tip on 4 nails.  I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Posh Plum on the ring finger as an accent nail.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE matte black polish. It is definitely one of my favorites. So I used Matte Me Crazy on the black and added a Posh Plum accent line to the  black to kinda finish it off. 
 EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH GLITTER!!!  I also love glitter polish. I also used pretty much this same color combo on the zebra strip nails I did and had this color not matched the shirt I was wearing perfect I probably would have opted for the teal glitter I haven't used yet but this color is the EXACT color.  Soooo. I used Milane Jewel FX Fuschia on the strips and on the accent nail I also added some cheetah print .
 I sealed everything with a clear coat of Seche Vite  (well sealed the bottom half ...if you cover the matte with a clear it will not be matte any more... Just saying)  After that dried, I used a small brush to add the matte polish to the cheetah print. 

Products I used :) Can you tell I use that Orly A LOT!!!
Well I hope everyone has a great Saturday night. I know I will. 

Thanks for reading
Amy <3

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  1. LOVE! Do you know where to find the matte me crazy? I've been searching for a matte coat for much, much too long.