Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Fun Challenge 4 - HOT HOT HOT - Summer Sun

Welcome back to the next nail - venture!!!

On to the next challenge on Neverland Nail Blog Summer Fun Challenge.

Today the theme was HOT HOT HOT!!  Being in Florida I know all about HOT!!  However lately you would think that us and Washington State had swapped places or something with all this rain we have had.  Today was the first day in 3 days I have been able to get my car out of our neighborhood.  :)  The husband has been my taxi service.
But today this theme is fitting because it is a perfect Florida day with Blue skies and lots of sun.  So that is where I pulled my inspiration from.  THE SUN SHINE STATE itself

The husband said my sun needed shades :)

I love Blue skies with big puffy white clouds.  It is on my favorite things list. 
Well there you go.  Blue Florida skies.

I am looking forward to the next challenge.  Are we there yet???  I have some cuteness rolling around in my brain

Have a wonderful day and as always THANKS for reading

Amy <3


  1. Oh what I'd give for some weather like this!

  2. That's funny... It's not very nice here in WA. We have had a few nice days but it's still rainy and cool (barely 60's) for the most part.

    1. We used to live in Bremerton ... made it 9 months and asked the husband to bring me home. Couldn't handle the rain everyday. However right now we are flooded so it.could be Wa. :)

  3. Blue skies and sunshine I wonder what that's like? Here in Northern Ireland we have floods and thunder storms =( xo

    1. We are flooded currently too... crazy storm season so far.

  4. This is adorable, love the sunshine, he's so cute!