Tuesday, June 5, 2012


HI GUYS!!  and Welcome back to my NAIL-VENTURE!!

I had my first request yesterday :)  of course tonight I had to oblige. SOOO... Bring on the summer watermelon!

I had fun doing this mani and that surprised me. I saw so many melon manis ( HAHA... Melon Manis) and I just wasn't impressed by most of them. Not that I thought mine would turn out to be some great thing but still.. I just wasn't impressed.  So anyway.. ON TO THE MELONS!!! 

I started this with a base coat. I have read a lot of blogs that swear by a base coat but most of the time I opt out because for some reason when I do a base coat my polish ends up being so thick it just doesn't dry properly.  With really dark or red polish I do use a base because those tend to stain. 

I then did 3 Red and 2 Green nails.  I just thought more then one accent nail would look better. 
Here is used 
Pure Ice Siren
Spoiled by Wet n Wild Permission to Proceed (This was a very sheer polish and this is 4 coats)
I then used a make up sponge and Pure Ice Wild Thing to make the lighter portion of the melon.  I pretty much did this like I was doing a french mani but I wanted it rough because have you ever seen a smooth melon?  Nope me neither.
 Then I added another layer of the darker green to the tips of the red nails just to finish off the peel.
And last... a little bit of China Glaze Liquid Leather for the seeds.  Here I used my smallest dotting tool and did a little dot drag thing to get the point of the seed.  Some worked better then others but over all I was pleased. 
I was very pleased with how the accent nails turned out.  My husband had just cut into a watermelon so of course I had to add a prop in there and I was surprised with how much it actually looked like the outside of the melon.

So there you have it... My version of Watermelon Nails.  It doesn't get any more summer then that. 

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog.  I do this because I love it. I also love the fact that so many people are sharing it with me.
Thanks for reading.
Amy <3

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