Sunday, June 24, 2012


Before I started my Nail-Venture and began sharing I was still taking pictures of all the art work I did on both my nails and my daughters.  Some pictures turned out better then other.  Some of them were so fun to do I want to do them again.  I thought today would be a fun day to share some of those with you. 

Now for most of them I couldn't tell you what colors I used so a picture  is pretty much all I have. 

This was one of my very favorites. I love spots and circles. It is just fun.  

Some more dots.  This one I am pretty sure was Sally Hansen Gun Metal, Sally Hansen Bubble Gum Pink and Matte me Crazy for NYC. 

This one was elegant.  I liked it a lot.   Sally Hansen Flirt is the maroon color but I am not sure which gold I used. I also used Matte Me Crazy from NYC.
These are the little daughters little nails.. I love painting her nails... is is just fun mother / daughter time.  We sit and chat.  The big daughter liked them so much she let me paint hers too.  (She NEVER lets me paint her nails)
I think I saw a nail tutorial for these on Nails Adored Blog but I don't think I did them right. I started with the color and added the black last.  I think it would have worked out better had I put the black first and then stripped away the color to find the black underneath.  But I still got a lot of compliments so it was worth a picture. 

We had a black light party and these were my party nails.  I got the black light polish from Hot Topic and it is AWESOME.  I saw some black light polish at Claires but it was all colored and the one I found at Hot Topic was a clear top coat.  So the design didn't show unless the nails were under the black light.
Little Lady Bugs on the little daughter.  Pretty sure I saw this idea on Simple Nail Art Tips. 

Pink Paint drips... I loved the way this looked but I think the way I added the pick was wrong because I got a lot of bubbles as it started to dry.

This is one of my favorite blue polishes.  It is Frostbite from China Glaze.  Couldn't tell you which black I used.  This blue is just AWESOME though.  It is bright and dark at the same time. 
So there are a few of my favorite pre blog manis. 

Tues is the next day for the Neverland Nails Summer Fun Challenge.  I am excited to see all the great ideas coming out of these ladies.  So far the art has been fabulous.  I am enjoying being a part of the challenge.

Well as always THANKS!!  for reading. Hope everyone has a super week.

Amy <3


  1. Love them ALL! Thanx for sharing!!

  2. Really like the one where you put the black on last! It reminds me of those infrared cameras.