Monday, June 4, 2012

Silver Zebra wearing Pink watching those Shooting Stars

Hi Guys and welcome back to my Nail-venture :) 
I really enjoy the days where my daughter and I can sit and just play with all of my polish.  It is one of my favorite things to do with her since she is just a mini me. Today I have 2 fun Manis to share.  Mine and then hers.

Is there anything better then a Matte Black  w Silver Zebra print?  A MATTE BLACK W SILVER ZEBRA PRINT WITH FUSCSIA GLITTER OF COURSE!  In my opinion glitter just makes every thing better and you just really can't have enough.  I  love loud and fun designs.  The louder and more colorful the better. I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted to pink.  I just love it. It is my go to color.  

To me this mani was just fun and I had a great time doing it.  I started out with my base coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather. I love this black.  I can't say that there is a China Glaze color that I have gotten and not liked as of yet. This is one coat and I coverage was good with just the one. 
I wanted the zebra print that I was planning on doing to stand out so next I added a coat of NYC Matte Me Crazy.  Love this polish and for being only like .98 who can beat that.. I am all about finding cheap polish that I really like.  This is the Liquid Leather under a coat of Matte Me Crazy.

I don't know what I was thinking but I completely forgot to take a picture of the next step by itself.  I took Stripe Rite Silver and added a zebra print over the inside half of the nail.  The Silver on the matte Black just looks awesome. Next, on the outside half of the nail I added Milani Jewel FX Fuchsia.

Well I was real happy with how these turned out.  They are just shiny and sparkle in the light.  I added a top coat over just the glitter half so that it would not chip off.  (If you add a clear over the matte it takes away the matte finish just a little note in case you didn't know that)

The next mani we did was just so cute I couldn't pass it up.  I saw this idea on one of the blogs I read regularly however since I read so many I just can't put my finger on where I saw the picture.  Once again I started off with China Glaze Liquid Leather.  

Next I used the Stripe Rite Silver to make a trail. I guess it looked like the top half of a crescent moon would be how I could describe it.
Then to make it look more like a star trail  we covered the Silver with ..... Can you guess??   YEP GLITTER !!!  Pure Ice Cheatin.  I just added this over the silver to give the silver a little umph I guess.

I added a top coat of Cina Top Coat and Bonder which I then added a Cina purple star embellishment.

 Sealed the star embellishment on with another coat of Cina Top Coat and Bonder.  I just thought this was a fun little girl mani.  What little girl doesn't like shooting starts.  Purple Shooting starts at that. 

SO this is how my daughter and I spend a nice little bit of time together.  If by chance you have seen the original poster on this shooting star mani please drop me a line I would love to give them credit for such a cute idea.
Well that is gonna wrap it up for tonight. I have had my first request for a specific mani so I am going to try and oblige.  

See you back for my next nail-venture and
Amy <3


  1. Cute manis! I just love all your commentary! Your fun spirit shines through!

    I'll help you out... you found your daughter's adorable manicure on my page at :D

    Nice execution, Mamma! I wish my daughter enjoyed polish as much as yours does.


  2. Thank you so much!!! I spend a lot of time in my car waiting on little ones so much of that time is spent just sifting through pictures and when I like one I download it into my phone for later reference. Problem with that is I have all these pictures and no reference as to wear I got them from. :) I do wish my oldest daughter would let me polish hers. She is anti polish so if she didn't look so much like my husband I would be sure she was switched at birth. How could any daughter of mine be anti polish!!??!! It is just not conceivable.